Archer First Response Systems

Expedited EMS Response From Above

Introducing the next generation of emergency response with a turn-key drone delivery system.

With Archer First Response Systems (AFRS), you can deliver life-saving medical equipment directly to the scene within minutes by leveraging the speed and precision of unmanned aircraft.

AFRS seamlessly integrates into RapidSOS Portal, empowering your team to respond quickly and efficiently. Welcome to faster response times, improved survival rates, and peace of mind for your community and first-responders.

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Coverage Area

35 Square Miles

Average Response

2.5 Minutes

When seconds count, drones make all the difference.

Consider the revolutionary benefits of delivering life-saving equipment to a patient before your first rig arrives. A family member, friend, or bystander can provide treatment during those critical early minutes as a 911 operator coaches them on operating the device.

With a seven-pound payload, drones can deliver a wide array of equipment, including:

● Defibrillator
● Tourniquet
● Narcan
● Epipen
● Albuterol
● Whole blood*

With AFRS, you can tailor the payload to match your community’s unique needs, ensuring your team is positioned to respond to any emergency.

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What to Expect

Lightning-Fast Responses

AFRS ensures a faster response to time-sensitive, life-threatening emergencies – critical in situations where every second matters.

Operational Streamlining

Pre-existing SOP templates streamline operational implementation, ensuring swift, simple integration.

Exceed KPIs

Achieve and surpass response time key performance indicators, demonstrating unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

Seamless Integration

Experience minimal disruption in dispatch workflow with seamless integration into RapidSOS Portal or RapidDeploy, effortlessly enhancing your existing systems.

Force Multiplier

A fully managed service that requires no additional staffing, AFRS acts as a force multiplier, enhancing your agency’s capabilities without straining resources.

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This is an opportunity to transform your agency's emergency response capabilities.

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