Archer First Response Systems

Expedited EMS Response From Above

Dramatically improve patient outcomes by adding drones to your local EMS system

Archer First Response Systems (AFRS) is revolutionizing how EMS and fire-rescue departments respond to critical situations by delivering essential equipment to a scene via drone in less than five minutes. You can take the initiative and be at the forefront of introducing this cutting-edge technology to your community.

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Transformative impact in critical moments.

Consider the life-saving advantage of getting EMS equipment to a patient before first responders arrive.

A family member, friend, or bystander can provide treatment during those critical early minutes as a 911 operator coaches them on operating the device.

With a seven-pound payload, drones can deliver a wide array of equipment, including:

● Defibrillator
● Tourniquet
● Narcan
● Epipen
● Albuterol
● Whole blood*

With AFRS, you can tailor the payload to match your community’s unique needs, ensuring your team is positioned to respond to any emergency.

Why your support matters

As the hub of a comprehensive EMS system, your hospital can encourage and enable local EMS and Fire-Rescue departments to implement this innovative new approach

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1 Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will not only raise awareness but also support agencies in integrating this innovative solution into their emergency response infrastructure, demonstrating your commitment to community health.

2 Force Multiplier

Help strained, under-staffed public safety agencies enhance capabilities and exceed their response time KPI targets without requiring additional personnel or manpower. It’s a win-win scenario of increased performance and decreased response times.

3 Better Outcomes

Swift response times significantly impact outcomes. Accelerating the response of your area’s EMS agencies enhances the likelihood of survival for your neighbors, friends, family, and community members. This, in turn, increases the possibility of their successful discharge from your facility.

What’s in it for you

Establish your prominence as the foremost hospital in community care and innovation within the region. Elevate your organization's brand above your competitors, both metaphorically and literally, all while enhancing your survive-to-discharge rate.
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1 Branding

AFRS sponsorship packages create excellent opportunities for brand awareness through logo placement, storytelling, and ongoing campaigns featuring people whose lives have been positively affected by the program.

2 Improved community health

Increase the likelihood of survival for cardiac arrest and overdose victims. There’s no better way to extend care beyond your walls than ensuring that more cardiac arrest victims are defibrillated within 5 minutes of the event.

3 Strengthen relationships

with EMS partners Equip EMS agencies with the infrastructure they need and enhance their ability to respond quickly. A better-equipped EMS agency will exceed its key performance indicator targets and contribute to improved clinical outcomes in your emergency departments.

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What to Expect

An impact analysis showing the potential effect of implementing AFRS in your region, highlighting its positive impact on patient outcomes and your bottom line.
A detailed breakdown of the marketing and branding opportunities associated with sponsorship.

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