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Early 2020

Unmanned Air Solutions that Save Lives.

Transforming the way first response and emergency medical services are deployed, Archer Unmanned Air Systems (Archer UAS) introduces Archer First Response Systems (AFRS). AFRS is a turnkey 911-based emergency medical supply delivery system that provides payload delivery within a 35-square-mile coverage area in less than five minutes.

  • Fully integrated with 911 dispatch and ready at the click of a button
  • 25K+ predefined payload delivery points ensure accurate and precise delivery to victims in need
  • Rapid delivery critical for time-sensitive medical emergencies like cardiac arrest and drug overdose
  • Increase number of cardiac arrest survivors
  • Ground Control Hub housing unit to enable 24/7 vehicle readiness
  • Fully managed system requiring minimal training
  • Components: Ground Control Hub, deployment vehicle, 911 CAD deployment dashboard
  • Scalable and secure cloud-based infrastructure for constant system, weather, and air space monitoring, fleet management and emergency deployment

Partnering with the first response community, medical facility directors and municipalities, Archer First Response Systems is committed to public health and safety.