Archer UAS Featured in i4 Business Magazine

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Kicking off 2020, Archer UAS was featured on the cover of the January edition of i4 Business Magazine, Central Florida’s source for business news. Archer UAS also received a four-page spread in the publication.

“In a small Georgia neighborhood in the middle of November, a dam is released, causing severe flooding and power failures for the homes and people in its path. In one of those homes, submerged in floodwaters, someone is in urgent need of help. Heart palpitations set in, along with shortness of breath, then chest pain. In the middle of sudden cardiac arrest, the person awaits the arrival of a defibrillator, a piece of medical equipment that has been proven to mean the difference between life and death in medical emergencies like this.

That was the scenario presented to Archer Unmanned Air Systems (Archer UAS) in November 2019 at Operation Convergent Response, an event hosted by Verizon Enterprise Solutions.”

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