Archer UAS Featured in UAS Magazine

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Archer UAS was featured in UAS Magazine for its involvement in Operation Convergent Response. UAS Magazine highlights the most critical developments and cutting-edge technologies for unmanned aerial systems worldwide. Archer UAS’s article was also featured in the UAS Magazine newsletter as “top news” in December 2019.

“Archer Unmanned Air Systems, a Florida technology company specializing in unmanned air systems deployment and services, was selected by Verizon to showcase its emergency medical supply delivery system, Archer First Response Systems (AFRS), at Operation Convergent Response November 19 to 21, in Perry, Ga. 

In its third year, Operation Convergent Response brings together groundbreaking technologies capable of dramatically enhancing and improving emergency response capabilities over three days of highly realistic crisis scenarios. Cohosted by Verizon and Nokia, the live-action event takes place at Guardian Centers, a state-of-the-art training facility designed to replicate the-art training facility designed to replicate incredibly realistic, natural and manmade disasters for training purposes.”

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