Archer First Response Systems Joins RapidDeploy’s Ecosystem of Lifesaving Technology Partners

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Partnership Allows 911 Dispatchers to Deliver Lifesaving Medical Supplies with the Click of a Button.

December 2, 2020, (ORLANDO, Fla.) — Archer Unmanned Air Systems (Archer UAS), a Central Fla. technology company offering a 911-integrated drone deployment system, is pleased to announce a partnership with RapidDeploy as part of its Lightning Partner Program. Archer’s lifesaving drone deployment software, Archer First Response Systems (AFRS), will be integrated into the RapidDeploy SaaS platform, enabling 911 agencies to better locate victims and dispatch time-sensitive, lifesaving supplies by drone with the touch of a button. RapidDeploy’s cloud-native SaaS platform has been deployed at over 500 public safety agencies and 911 call centers, with an additional 150 deployments currently in progress throughout the U.S.

As a RapidDeploy Lightning Partner, Archer UAS joins an ecosystem of technology players working to create an end-to-end Unified Critical Response platform, democratizing public safety through cloud-native technology. RapidDeploy continues to expand the number of partner technologies and services offered through its 911 dispatch platform to reduce response times, improve situational awareness, and equip emergency responders with tools to enhance public safety. RapidDeploy Strategic Partners include AT&T, Microsoft, OnStar, ADT, and many others.

“RapidDeploy’s Lightning Partner Program seeks out visionary technology partners who bring innovative tools and resources to public safety agencies that will shape the future of emergency dispatch,” said Todd Komanetsky, Director of Partnerships at RapidDeploy. “Archer UAS brings an entirely new approach to delivering lifesaving medical equipment and we’re thrilled to partner with a company that is working to dramatically reduce response times for medical emergencies.”

AFRS Technology

AFRS, a fully autonomous drone delivery system, delivers critical medical supplies to victims in need with the click of a button. AFRS consists of four core components: AFRS’ 911-integrated aircraft deployment software, an autonomous aircraft, its Ground Control Hub housing unit, and Archer Survey, a proprietary artificial intelligence-based satellite analysis platform used to pinpoint more than 55,000 unobstructed coordinates for optimal emergency delivery.

AFRS continuously monitors authority to fly—including hyper-localized weather conditions, live air traffic, temporary flight restrictions, advisories, and aircraft operating parameters—to provide the RapidDeploy system a go/no-go status for AFRS emergency delivery for any given victim’s location and further provides accurate ETAs to deliver supplies. Once deployed, AFRS automatically files pre-defined flight plans, notifies flight authority, and provides 911 staff with real-time flight status, including location and updating time to arrival.

Rapid Deploy Platform

The RapidDeploy platform enables 911 staff to visualize a caller’s location with supplemental location data from mobile phones along with opt-in medical profile data, vehicle telematics, alarm data, and now, with the integration of AFRS, the ability to confirm the availability and dispatch of autonomous, small unmanned aircraft carrying vital supplies—like an AED, NARCAN®, and STOP THE BLEED® Kit—with a single button.


Based on the victim’s location provided by the RapidDeploy system, AFRS will identify the closest available delivery location and estimated flight time. Once deployed, the AFRS Ground Control Hub will then automatically open, and the aircraft will be airborne in less than 10 seconds. Each Archer First Response System can service a 35-square-mile coverage area, reaching victims in less than five minutes. The integration of RapidDeploy and Archer UAS capabilities will reduce response times and improve the chance of survival for victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and other incredibly time-sensitive emergencies, like drug overdose.

“RapidDeploy takes an innovative approach to their dispatch and mapping products, integrating technology and data in a way that is powerful and intuitive for 911 operators,” said Archer UAS founder and CEO, Gordon Folkes. “We are excited to be included among the many incredible technologies that already exist within the RapidDeploy Unified Critical Response platform. Joining the Lightning Partner Program and working together to integrate our UAS deployment technology into the 911 workflow brings Archer one step closer to our goal of dramatically reducing the number of cardiac arrest fatalities each year.”

About RapidDeploy:

RapidDeploy is the industry’s only truly open and integrated response platform, transforming 9-1-1 communications centers of any size into data-centric organizations. RapidDeploy achieves new levels of situational awareness and reduces 9-1-1 response time by seamlessly integrating third-party data ensuring it is available when, where and how Telecommunicators and First Responders need it. The company’s web-based cloud platform includes analytics, mapping, dispatch and first responder applications. To learn more, visit https://www.rapiddeploy.com/.

About Archer Unmanned Air Systems:

Founded in 2013, Archer UAS specializes in unmanned air systems deployment and services, developing technology and related services that enhance our community as well as public health and safety. The Orlando-based company provides software, hardware, sUAS housing solutions, mapping, and geographic information systems to support a wide range of UAS applications.

About Archer First Response Systems:

Enhancing the way first responders and emergency medical services help save lives, Archer (UAS) introduces Archer First Response Systems (AFRS). AFRS is a turnkey 911-based emergency medical supply delivery system that provides payload delivery within a 35-square-mile coverage area in less than five minutes.

Utilizing a proprietary technology suite of cutting-edge geographic/mapping software, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Ground Control Hub housing units, and cloud-based management/deployment software that constantly monitors for safety and accuracy, AFRS provides rapid medical care delivery at the fingertips of emergency dispatch. AFRS supports medical emergency personnel with transit and delivery of critical lifesaving payload options including AED (automated external defibrillator), NARCAN, Stop the Bleed and other life-saving supplies.